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The Story of Jerialice

Jerialice Arsenault, was born to this planet in March on a balmy Miami beach.
Washed ashore, gleaming and starry-eyed. Her father,
a physicist and rocket scientist — her mother, a twin. Thus was the
setting for a life full of travel, spaceships, astronauts and oceans.
Jerialice has traveled the world gathering material, entertaining,
creating music, and building her reputation as a creative musician.

Jerialice has played many parts: performer, composer, producer,
engineer, talent agent, and studio owner.

Since her first band in 1972, Jerialice has invested years fine tuning her
craft. She has achieved a broad range of talents, and accomplished repeated
successes and awards. Among the many well-known bands she has participated with is the
award winning Beat Meters. As a solo artist, she continues to make a name for
herself, such as her current appearances on the French music charts. Jerialice
has also enjoyed successes with her visual and sound production contracts —
winning several awards. She continues to perform on concert stages, churches,
fine dining establishments and more.

Jerialice owns the unique RiverSounds Recording Resort in Castell,Texas,
on the Llano River (an ancient Chana Indian
spiritual gathering place). At RiverSounds, Jerialice has created the pristine atmosphere artists
desire for concentration and inspiration. She is an accomplished music consultant,
engineer and producer. Jerialice co-creates with experienced performers and
coaches aspiring artists with albums, demos, and midi soundtrack audio.

In addition to her exciting solo career and busy RiverSounds schedule, Jerialice
is the band leader of Enchanted Rock Band and leads
Texas Songwriters In The Round.


Songwriting and Recording Credit: ©



    • (1984) BEAT METERS: Mistress of Meter
      Meteoroid Music/BMI


    • (1986) BEAT METERS: Date with Electricity
      Glitch Sampler/ASCAP


    • (1988) BEAT METERS: Meet the Beaters
      Meteoroid Music/BMI


    • (1990) HURLO THRUMBO: Gods From Outer Space
      Meteoroid Music/BMI


    • (1996) ENCHANTED ROCK: Firewalker
      Meteoroid Music/BMI


    • (2000) ENCHANTED ROCK: Rivers In Time
      Meteoroid Music/BMI


    • (2002) ENCHANTED ROCK: Texas Songwriterrs in the Round Compilation
      Meteoroid Music/BMI


    • (2004) ENCHANTED ROCK: Let them with Ears Hear
      Meteoroid Music/BMI


    • (2008) ENCHANTED ROCK: Bootleg
      Meteoroid Music/BMI




    • (2019) AFTER THE FLOOD . to be released soon!!!




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