The Band and Album Notes


After the first CD was released in 2016, I began thinking on my next project which was in a nebulous state until my friend and musical mentor, Fred Mitchim showed up on my mama’s birthday in 2017. Yes, my creative brain can move slowly! He got me started on the year long project that is now being duplicated for sale to the entire world! I am a born-again Jesus loving woman, but I had a lot of fun doing this secular project. There is always God in everything I do, since He is allowing air to keep coming into my body. I will not claim this is a “Christian” record, but I do claim His hand upon every moment of it, which I explain along with my lyrics. The EP is called, “After the Flood”. I was supposed to have it ready for Christmas but the November flood had its way with us here on the Llano. We have blessed with help and restoration…and now the CD!

Special thanks to Fred Mitchim and Davis Blanchard!


Enchanted Rock,┬áthe Band, Played on “Prodigal Daughter”

IRA Kennedy
acrylic on canvas by Ira Kennedy


Enchanted Rock, started in Austin, Tx. in 1993. Originally it consisted of 3 roommates, Jerialice Arsenault, Chris Maresh and Art Kidd. This trio recorded “Prodigal Daughter” together which has been out for several years.

Miss Arsenault is a musician, songwriter, recording artist and engineer. She plays guitars, synth, and bongos. Her songs became the foundation for the combo. The group began to play in Central Texas and performed with other musicians for various shows. Miss JA appears solo as well.

The material consists of what Jerialice calls “enchanted rock”, a poetic, sinewy, Holy spirit dance. Since moving to the NW Hill Country in 1998, she has added a slice or two of hillbilly and country. The music is mostly original and is performed at wineries, churches, clubs and festivals.

Jerialice was in seminal Austin bands, Chickadeisels and The Beat Meters.

Art Kidd, who has played with everyone and their dog, he even played with God once
(George Burns). He began his career at Carnegie Hall with a Tuba ensemble.

Chris Maresh
is simply the best bass player in the world!