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Joe King Carrasco:


“When you hear her voice you know it instantly. Like a fingerprint in the sand.
It is there. In all its wisdom, in all its beauty. Singing her message and melody
that I have heard through all these years – as old as the llano river that has flowed for eternity,
a voice of forever and on this river she lives and her voice sings with it
like those wild winds blowing in from west Texas that you hear late at night
when you are staring at the starry skies..
Yeah, you hear it and you know it is Jerialice.”

From Van Wilks:


“A fine collection of laid back rootsy tunes and lyrics
that take cool, unexpected twists and turns. Veteran players with
plenty of Texas-style guitar work throughout the disc.
A perfect ‘traveling thru the desert in the middle of the night’ cd!!”